We believe animals were put on this earth with certain unique traits. As stewards of Gods creation, we want to treat our animals in a way that honors and encourages those traits. Chickens want to scratch in the grass, pigs want to root in the dirt, and animals are constantly moving across the landscape.

Organic? While many of our methods mimic organic practices, we are not certified organic. Nature is the blueprint we try to use and observe when making management desicions. We don’t believe nature shows us a pattern of any genetically modified organisms, so we feed high quality NON-GMO grain. Continuous pasture rotations and natural dewormers keep parasites under control. You also won’t find any routine, habitual, or unnecessary antibiotics in our products. Hormones? Only what God gave them!

Misinformation, fearmongering, and propaganda are on the rise from both conventional and organic agriculture. Striving to mimic Gods patterns in nature keeps us out of the debate, and gives us a proven system we can be proud to show off!

We propose that a pasture raised, non-gmo fed, locally grown animal, grown by people you can actually talk too, is far superior to any commercially produced, cookie cutter, organic or conventional product of the same. Why not give us a try, and see for yourself?

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