Most tender chicken ever!

I love dark meat and on these birds it is the best ever! It is light in color and very tender and flavorful. The chickens come very clean and cook up with very little fat, so you feel like you are eating something very healthy. I will be putting in my order early and for more than last time. Thanks very much.

Karen MulCahy

We love the chickens!

We loved the chickens. They were perfect!! We have 1 left in the freezer but will probably have it this weekend. After eating yours, I don’t to buy chicken in the grocery store anymore. And we were proud to be eating something from a local farmer.
I would definitely buy again.

Diane Burdick

So tender!

The chicken looked great in its clear vacuum wrap. I split it and roasted it with rosemary, garlic, and lemons. It was wonderful. So tender!

Nick Schwartz

Doesn't get better than this!

There is a noticeable difference in these birds! So glad I filled the freezer, and will definitely jump on the first batch next spring! So glad to find someone as passionate to produce good food as I am to buy (and eat!) it!


Best chicken ever!

Thank you Brent & Julie for the best chicken ever!! We are now on our fourth bird and every one has been fabulous! Each time I cook one I try a different method and have been thrilled with the results! I am so pleased to be able to offer such succulent and wholesome food to my family! Please, Please, Please keep up the great work! God Bless.


Real food from God

Brent and Julie are truly amazing people. Not only are they true believers but use Gods land to grow nutrient dense food and raise chickens with out the use of hormones. I know when I get them there is no junk put into them. My family and I had our first crock pot chicken 2 days ago and it was the most tender and juicy chicken we have ever had. Thank you for doing this most wonderful thing to nourish our bodies.

John Jensen


I was very impressed with the chickens that McCullough Farmstead raised and sold. They were professionally packaged and delivered on time!

Jonathan Barrette